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In nature or at home

Yoga... Stretching and releasing the muscles, joints and ligaments of the body. An aid for the body to warm up for intense physical activity while simultaneously working with the breath to help the mind focus and center to make the most of the holidays. It helps to minimize the potential for physical injury and also to connect with ourselves. Your teacher adapts to your age, level of fitness and flexibility.

Qi Gong "Subtle and Quiet Power"... Exercises from ancient China that help soften the fascia. These exercises can restructure the inner workings of the body. Like yoga, it also helps with flexibility and coordination while increasing a person's strength, immunity, and mental happiness. Although these exercises seem gentle (and suitable for people of all ages), they are incredibly effective in transforming one's body and one's relationship with life. If desired, Qigong can also be extremely challenging physically and it's amazing how much you can sweat while doing very little!

Taiji or Tai Chi... is a martial art, the name of which translates to Supreme Ultimate. It is now practiced to increase health and happiness and although closely related to Qigong it is a distinct and vigorous discipline. Like yoga, it can be used to transcend the experience of duality or to increase combat, mental and physical abilities.

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