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Refresh ! canyon is for everyone looking for outdoor activity! Natural toboggan and fun for the children, initiation, or the must for the more sporty!


Longing for tranquility in the middle of the great outdoors to meet a natural world…. Mica is taking you for a bivouac in the mountains. A unique experience to appreciate sunset or sunrise in his tent. Two days of hiking in the heart of a nature reserve for example, with a diversity of landscapes, vegetation, rivers and the ascent of a pass where you can see ibex, chamois and other animals in their wilderness.

Mountain Bike

From downhill mountain biking to cross country mountain biking, the valley proposes a huge range of bike trails suitable from beginners to expert riders.


The Chamonix valley and its 350 km of trails offer a huge range of suitable itineraries.


A magical and sensational experience, tandem flight for first timers and children alike.